Great Plants for Summer

This summer has been rather cool compared to normal and I have a great plants for summer because the amount of rain has been slightly above normal.

The net result is lots of great growing conditions and that has led to some enormous plants which are, in at least one case, impeding the poor meter reader getting access to the electrical meter.

These guys were a maintainable size last year, but as with so many second year perennials the size has almost doubled.

Plants for Summer

Case in point these lovely dinner plate size hibiscus:

H. Moscheutos ‘Blue River II’

Of course the veggie bed is doing well – it gets regular water and great temperatures for summer squash production. If you don’t catch the squash when it is small, the next day it can be enormous – I think it would be called a  marrow at this stage.

These over sized zucchini were at the back corner of the garden and I missed them. The third small one was harvested from the same plant this morning.

There is not really much difference apart from size and there are some summer squash that are bred to be larger than others.

The big Marrows Zucchini during Plants for Summer

Now I need a recipe to stuff these guys – of course my guys don’t like squash at all but I don’t want to waste them!

The big marrows zucchini grew

Do you have any ideas plants for summer this year?
Leave your comments below 🙂

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