Great Pot Washing Tips today

Yesterday was unseasonably warm so I decided to take advantage of the day by pot washing day of all the containers. Usually this is a cold and miserable necessity done in late winter either in the utility tub or with a hose outside.

Some folks are organized enough to do this in fall but my Tomatoes and peas were all growing up until almost Thanksgiving. I emptied all the containers last week but didn’t have the time to clean them, and the temperature was far from conducive to playing outside with water.

pot washing containers

Yesterday though was different and I filled two large tubs with warm water – one with suds in it and the other with a little bleach.

Scrub Pot Washing

I was able to scrub the containers, disinfect them and store them all in one afternoon. Self watering containers, colorful containers for the deck and those that fit on the my another garden post were all cleaned.

Now they are in the basement, clean and ready to use after winter.

I intend to start some of the containers as soon as the holiday season is over so that I have some colorful and productive containers for my previous post at Another The Great Winter Vacation Pittsburgh Florida.

the sunroom indoor garden

Even the Smart Pots got brushed and washed – they are still drying but they too will be ready to use in a day or two.

Recycle Pot Washing

An additional benefit was that I now have too clean recycle tubs as well!

Smart pot washing containers

Pot Washing Tips

Soak caked on dishes and pots first with hot water, if you don’t have a uniform wear a shirt that you don’t mind getting wet/dirty and that’s quite light as it gets boiling after a while, if there’s no actual washing up to be done, put things away, wipe down sides, general tidying up, help other people etc.

The secret to smashing it is to make sure the dishwasher is constantly on. A better name for the job itself is the aqua thermal treatment of ceramics metals and glass.

Make sure that you fill the pan with cold water and a drop or two of washing up liquid when you’ve served out the dirt. This stops leftovers sticking and makes them easier to wash.

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