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Last week I was in Pittsburgh for winter vacation!! We lived there for a few years and what I remember of the town was a poor road system and lots of snow! This conference showed me the other side of the town both downtown and slightly further out.

The first surprise was that the conference center had a garden on the roof. There were concrete beds filled with tomatoes, kales and other fresh vegetables which were harvested for the hotel or conference events.

Winter Vacations

This time I will share my experience of traveling this winter vacation in two locations in Pittsburgh and Florida, USA. The reason I chose these two town is because I have unforgettable sweet memories of the few years living there.

Winter Vacation in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Conference Center Rooftop Garden Winter Vacation in Pittsburgh and Florida

Pittsburgh Conference Centre Rooftop Garden

And there were flowers too for pollination!

Pittsburgh Conference Center Flowers

Pittsburgh Conference Center Flowers

Returning home I compared the flowers in the mini garden at my house. It feels very refreshing to the eye looking at the Witch Hazel flowers that are blooming today, beautiful amethyst burgundy flower.

Amethyst burgundy flower

Winter flowering Witch Hazel at my mini garden

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On the indoors I have lettuce and peas growing in the sunroom and they are doing great. We are harvesting lettuce for salads and sandwiches all winter long.

the sunroom indoor garden

The sunroom indoor garden

Winter Vacation in Florida

We spent a week in Key Largo last week and visited the Everglades National Park – what a delightful place full of animals and birds plus lots of natural landscape. The river of grasses and mangrove swamps were truly worth seeing:

These crocodiles enjoy the Everglades Park
These crocodiles enjoy the Everglades Park!

Thank you for reading this year’s winter vacation blog. see you again next winter.
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